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184 (Actually) Creative Instagram Bio Ideas, Quotes & Templates

This carefully crafted list will help you come up with the best 150 characters the web has ever seen.

Kristen McCormick | March 18, 2022 | Instagram

9 Tips to Write Irresistible Blog Post Titles (with Examples!)

Your blog post titles are the first thing your potential reader sees, and they can help boost CTR and organic traffic. Here, we're sharing 9 ways to create irresistible blog post titles—such as by adding brackets, including your audience, stressing speed, and more—with plenty of examples!

50+ May Marketing Ideas (and Examples) for Any Business or Budget

In this post, we've got over 50 May marketing ideas to help you stand out from your competitors and connect with your audience in meaningful ways. We've got real examples of blog posts, social media posts, promotions, and more that you can adapt to your business!

5 Steps You Can (& Should) Take to Improve Your Core Web Vitals Now

Learn the five things you must do to keep your Core Web Vitals (and Google rankings!) from flatlining.

Guest Author
April 2, 2021 | SEO

Google Is Making Changes to tCPA & tROAS: What You Need to Know

Google Ads bidding strategies are getting reorganized! This post lays out everything you need to know about tCPA and tROAS, provides tips on how to turn this into an opportunity for your business, and shares what experts in the PPC community think.

Susie Marino
March 31, 2021 | Industry News

Your 8-Point Guide to Developing a Memorable Brand Personality

This post will help you to understand what brand personality and brand messaging are, the importance of both, and how to shape them to create a lasting brand that’ll bring you lasting success.

Nia Gyant
March 31, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

17 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Small Business Owners & Marketers

To make sure you have what you need to make remote work work for you, we’re sharing our top 17 productivity tools for small business owners and marketers to manage distractions, improve output, and increase collaboration.

4 Tips to Succeed Using Google Ads Broad Match (with Data!)

In this post, we share data from a successful use case with broad match (now that modified broad has gone away), and provide four tips for testing this safely while not breaking the bank: Monitor performance, trust automation, review your search query reports, and be patient with hitting targets.

2021 Digital Marketing Trends: The New vs the Tried and True

In the wake of COVID-19, consumers have changed the way they shop. Purchasers are effectively shopping on the web and numerous organizations have gone online to keep in touch with their customers. Learn 10 digital marketing trends for 2021 so that you can keep up with changing consumer behavior

Guest Author
March 26, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

5 Clever Social Listening Strategies Using Boolean Search

Boolean search might look intimidating, but it’s quite a simple method that opens up new marketing horizons for social listening, selling, customer service, SEO, and more. Everyone wins from knowing just a couple of the Boolean techniques described in this article.

Guest Author
March 25, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

5 Key Best Practices for SEO Testing (+9 Ideas to Try Now)

In this post, we cover five best practices for SEO testing: measure more than rankings, evaluate pages for inclusion, know your tools, get control variable right, and repeat tests. We also provide 9 ideas for SEO tests you can try, involving meta title experiments, external links, social buttons, and more.

Guest Author
March 24, 2021 | SEO

How to Become a Successful Social Media Influencer (In 9 Easy Steps)

This post walks you through how to become a social media influencer in nine steps—including choosing your niche, writing engaging content, collaborating with other influencers, forming partnerships, and more.

Ron Stefanski
March 23, 2021 | Social Media

7 Solid Strategies to Stand Out From Your Competitors on Google

Today's rich search engine results pages are filled with opportunities to stand out above your competitors on Google. There are ads, organic results, local results, images, Shopping results, and more. This post covers six attainable ways to set yourself apart on the search platform.

Jessica Thiefels
March 22, 2021 | SEO

How to Prepare Your Business to Withstand a (Potentially Upcoming) Recession

Economists have suggested that the US may be headed for a recession in 2021. This post provides 6 strategies you can implement to help you minimize the impact of a recession on your business.

Guest Author
March 19, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

How to Follow Up With Sales Leads: 8 Best Practices to Land More Clients

The way you follow up with your sales leads has a direct impact on whether they jump ship, further engage, or become a repeat customer. In this post, we'll cover 8 tips to effectively follow up with your sales leads— including segmentation, prompt responses, personalization, communication tracking, and more!

How to Generate B2B Leads on LinkedIn as a Solopreneur or Small Business

LinkedIn can be a goldmine for B2B lead gen, especially as a solopreneur or small business. in this post, we'll cover how to optimize your profile, create attractive content, and build a network on the platform to bring in more qualified leads to your business.

Guest Author
March 17, 2021 | Social Media

How to Win With Marketing Competitive Analysis Across Search & Social

This is your introductory guide to conducting a marketing competitive analysis across search and social. We'll define competitive analysis then discuss the basics of evaluating your competitors through the lenses of PPC, SEO, and social media marketing.

Conor Bond
March 16, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

15 Ways to Audit Your Google Ads Account Post-COVID

In this post-pandemic Google Ads account audit checklist, we cover the various aspects of your account that you should check before reactivating, so you can see success with your campaigns. We'll go over daily budgets, location targeting, ad copy, ad extensions, negative keywords, and so much more!

7 Truths About Google E-A-T to Help Increase Your Content Authority

This post takes a deep dive into what Google EAT is, how it is involved with ranking factors, and how to implement it to improve your content authority and SEO.

Guest Author
March 12, 2021 | SEO

Responsive Search Ads Are the New Default in Google Ads: What You Need to Know

As of February of 2021, the default ad type in Google Ads has been switched from Expanded Text Ads to Responsive Search Ads. Learn what's changing for advertisers, how RSAs compare to ETAs, and how to set up and optimize your RSAs—with input and tips from community experts.

Susie Marino
March 11, 2021 | Industry News

6 Ways to Customize Your Facebook Dynamic Product Ads for Maximum Performance

In this post, learn about what and how to customize various elements in your Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, including ad text, prices, frames, image presentation, ad formats, intro cards, and more.

Michelle Morgan
March 10, 2021 | Social Media

How (+ When & Why) to Update Your Google Business Listing

This post covers why you should update your Google business listing, when to make these updates, and covers the steps for common edits and changes such as hours, phone number, categories, and attributes.

20+ Free April Marketing Ideas to Freshen Up Your Content Calendar

In this post, we’re going to provide a list of April themes, holidays, and awareness causes as well as real examples from businesses across various industries to help give you some creative April marketing ideas.

The 8 Ingredients to a Traffic-Generating, Rank-Boosting SEO Strategy

While there are fundamentals to any good digital marketing campaign, the blueprint for the best SEO strategy changes each year. Here are some pointers for building a winning SEO strategy for 2021.

Guest Author
March 5, 2021 | SEO

Facebook Traffic Ads: 5 Ways to Get More Visitors at Lower Costs

This post covers how you can use the Facebook ad traffic objective to build your brand and monetize traffic. We’ll provide background information on Facebook traffic ads and then share five best practices to get the most out of this campaign type.

Guest Author
March 4, 2021 | Social Media

7 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic from Evergreen Content

Let's face it—even the most evergreen content starts to show its age. In this post, we provide 7 ways you can refresh your posts and guides to keep traffic coming in. We'll cover keyword targeting, information updates, image refreshing, and more!

Kristen McCormick
March 3, 2021 | SEO

How to Listen, React, and Use Cultural Shifts Appropriately in Your Marketing

In this article, we’ll discuss how your business can honor and implement cultural shifts appropriately in your marketing, through social responsibility, social listening, segmentation, and more.